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about me!

hello! you can call me tea or theo! my pronouns are they/he.i'm probably currently obsessed with whatever piece of media is represented in my pfp, but for the most part i like to talk about:
fe3h, sk8, atla, ofmd, bleach, exo, hannibal, castlevania, and my ocs!
i draw whenever i have the time (and i write sometimes, too! please don't hesitate to reach out and ask about my ao3, i just don't circulate it widely).if you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to reach out via my social media (i am most likely to answer you on discord) or anonymously on my curiouscat!

current fan projects

  • in her arms, a fe3h-centric sapphic zine / @ production period!

  • sun and moon, a ferdibert zine / @ production period!

previous fan projects

commission info

my commissions are currently closed. follow me for updates on twitter, tumblr, or instagram!

commission info

donation commissions are open for the month of june to celebrate and support the queer community!

single-character full color designs only!
no backgrounds; each character will be a separate piece
♥ $15 donation minimum for a bust
♥ $30 donation minimum for a full-body design
please choose an organization from the following list to donate to:
OutRight Action International
The Center for Black Equity
LGBTQ Freedom Fund
The Trevor Project
to make an inquiry, please message me on twitter, tumblr, or instagram with the organization you plan to donate to and your commission request. i will accept requests at my discretion.once your inquiry is accepted, send a timestamped screenshot as proof of donation.

will do:will NOT do:
characters from any fandom, AUs, crossovers, OCs, celebrities, real people, nsfw (at my discretion)hateful/offensive content, furry/anthro

commission styles

please note:
- for smaller ko-fi commissions, please contact me directly before sending payment
- for sketches & flat color pieces, each extra figure has the same base price (for example, monochromatic sketch busts of two characters would be $18)
- for paintings, each extra figure costs 75% of the base price
- painting base prices assume a background, but may increase depending on complexity
- if you would like to commission nsfw work, message me directly with proof of age for a quote


bustwaist upfull figureblock color
$9 (3 ko-fi)$15 (5 ko-fi)$25+$5

lineart + flat color / character design

face/ iconbustwaist upfull figurepropsbg
$6 (2 ko-fi)$15 (5 ko-fi)$24 (8 ko-fi)$35+$5/ea+$15


bustwaist upfull figure